Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some Sights & Sounds of Texas / New Mexico

We designed this blog to share some of the many sights (and sounds if I can get it to work) that we have encountered since we arrived here. 

This is a video of one of our lightning storms.  It was awesome to watch. You can see the lightning but you can hear the rain.

(Sidenote:  The picture of the bats were taken after we left the amphitheater and most of the bats had headed towards the river.  These were just a handful of bats that were lagging behind.  You cannot take pictures of them as they leave the cave entrance.)

Eugene took this video inside of Carlsbad Caverns.  There are birds - swallows - that fly around and nest just inside of the mouth of the cave.  This is what they sound like.

I know you have seen these pictures before in earlier blogs.  But I love them.  So you get to see them twice!

Of course, you can't forget the OIL DONKEY - It made Texas famous and many men RICH!
They are everywhere.  In the middle of cotton fields, next to houses, surrounded by pecan trees.  You name it and likely, you'll find a "donkey" there.  The first "gusher" was in Beaumont, TX.  But then it was discovered all over Texas and OIL became a household word!!!

And last but not least:

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  1. Your blog is gorgeous! I love the photos and whoever put them together is better at blogging set-up than I am, fer shure. They made me feel a bit homesick.
    Thanks for a lovely trek down memory lane.
    Ellen in NEAZ