Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lubbock, TX

Greetings from Texas

I was trying to put together pictures of our first few months in Lubbock using my scrapbook program - OK I admit it.  I like fluff.  Well, my scrapbook program went funky on me so some of this post will be in scrapbook form and some will not.

We arrived in Lubbock on July 18, 2010.   Our first day in the office was on Monday, July 19.  We met President and Sister Robison and Elder and Sister Hansen.  We also met the Assistants to the President (Elder King and Elder Larson) and the Office Elders (Elder Willson, Elder Makin and Elder Rymer)
We made the necessary arrangements for our apartment.  We would be living in the Oakridge Apartments.  However, it would be a week before the furniture would be available for our apartment.
 This was our bedroom, the dining room and the front room fire place.  I didn't take a picture of the outside of the Mission Home until the other day.  After the leaves started falling off the trees out front. 
Finally, We are ready to set up house.  Of course it is nothing compared to the Mission Home, but while we are on our mission, it will be home.

We knew we would need lots of help.  But with a bribe of Pizza and Soda... mission accomplished!
We felt like we were newlyweds setting up our first apartment.  It was actually kinda fun.  I must warn you though... Our whole apartment could fit into our master bedroom back home.

Nothing fancy, just cozy.

After a week of training, we said "Good-bye" to the Hansens at a little gathering at the Mission Home.

Then we were on our own -
And the best way to do that is with FOOD!

Next stop, the office
Sister Carbine working...  
Always lots to do but loving every minute of it.  We go into the office on Monday morning and turn around and it is Friday!  Time just flys!  First time in my life that I love getting up in the morning and going to work.   Imagine that.  We have 124 missionaries to keep track of.  New files to be made.  Correspondence to send out.  Records to transmit into SLC.  Baptisms to record.  
Orientations to prepare.  Flights home to set up. etc etc etc

Elder Carbine... working?
Just kidding!
He is really quite busy.  No time for golf.  The office elders set up the putting green in his office as a joke one morning.  They had found it in one of the vans that was being transported back to SLC.  
Elder Carbine is in charge of all the Finances, Cell Phones and Housing for the missionaries.  Like I said, no time for golf!

Sorry about the misspelled word.  Didn't do my spell check.  That last word should be "feat".  duh!

The hardest part of our mission has been getting close to the young missionaries, getting to know them and love them and then having to say "Good-bye" to them.  However, we know their families back home are anxious to have them home so that makes it a little easier.

And last but not least, The Lubbock Temple.  One of our favorite places in town.
So until next week - Good Night and may God bless each of you.

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