Monday, January 2, 2012

Subjects in Iron

We went to the National Ranching Heritage Museum in December and were greeted by these beautifully done iron statues dedicated to cowboys, ranchers and the longhorn steers that graced the land at one time.
They were all true to life and fascinating!     

It was like a herd of longhorns running through town.  Incredible!

Christmas in the Mission Field

This Christmas was our 2nd Christmas here in the Texas Lubbock Mission.  It is very different in some ways, from Christmas at home.  Yet in other ways it is the same.  Stories and carols, parties and presents, decorations and lights.  But the faces are not those of our children and grandchildren, Old friends and relatives.  Instead they are the faces of Elders and Sisters and many new friends.  This blog is one where we share all of the new faces with those of you back home.  (Once again, I have omitted the names of our young missionaries for their protection.)

Next Christmas... HOME!