Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rattlesnake Roundup

          While performing our missionary duties, we have the opportunity to experience various activities in various areas.  On March 8, we found ourselves in a little town called Sweetwater, TX.  Well, it just so happens that Sweetwater, TX is home to the worlds largest Rattlesnake Roundup.  That's right, RATTLESNAKES!  

          Very interesting to say the least.  I decided to blog some of the sights from this "celebration" as they do make a celebration out of it.  They make a whole 3 day weekend out of it.  Friday through Sunday.  Starting with a parade Friday evening, western dances every night, lots of food, Bar-B-Ques, flea markets, and a beauty queen contests - her title?  Miss Rattlesnake Roundup, of course!