Monday, October 25, 2010

Headed for Texas

Good-bye Mountains...

Hello flat lands...

Flat land with prairie grass

                                                                                                         Flat land with cotton fields.

Along the way we had the opportunity to stop and spend the night with some wonderful new friends  that we met on our cruise  through the Panama Canal. 

Gary and Gwen Tanner.  Super people!  We loved them right from the start.

While there, they took us on a tour of the family  flour mill.  That was so cool. 

    They have a beautiful home   
       and were so very gracious. 

Back on the road again ... with miles and miles to go before we sleep...

And YES!  There it is!  The TEXAS state line!

Families Are Forever

We had the opportunity to visit with our children and grandchildren for an evening before we headed south.  What a blessing they are to us.  Every son, every daughter, every son-in-law, every daughter-in-law, every grandson and every granddaughter.  We could never do it without their love and support.  We have been very blessed and thank our Father-in-Heaven every day for letting us be a part of their lives.

Good-bye everybody - be sure and write!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Missionary Training Center

 We entered the MTC on July 5, 2010

After orientation, training started right away.

Large Cafeteria, lots of hungry people.

Including us!  Hmmm it would be real easy to gain a few pounds here.

"P" Day - short for Preperation Day - 

That means do your laundry, write your letters, get a haircut etc. etc.

On Sunday, after our church meetings, we went for a walk around the Provo Temple.

Then took a drive up the canyon to Bridal Veil Falls.

More classes, new friends, old friends and our badges.  

Almost finished.  Soon we'll be leaving Provo and headed for Texas.

We came here expecting to drink from the fountain.  Instead, our thirst was quenched with a fire hose!  Wow.  What an incredible 2 weeks.  Now, after a short visit with our children, we are headed to Texas!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

In the begin

On a cold day in March a big white envelope came in our mailbox.

By the time Eugene got home from work and picked up the mail... it was snowing!

Was he excited? Just look at that famous chessy cat grin!

That evening the kids all came over and the letter was opened.
The big white envelope.

Our next two years, 23 months to be exact, was inside this big white envelope. A personal call from a Prophet of the Lord, President Thomas S. Monson. Where would we be going? What would we be called to do?

And to everyone's surprise...

We were called to the Mission Office of the

Where's Lubbock, Texas???