Sunday, September 11, 2011

Zone Conference - August 2011

          As part of our mission assignments, we have had the privileged to drive around the mission from one end to the other.  From side to side.  And in the process, we have seen some of the interesting parts of West Texas and Eastern New Mexico.  Consequently, our children were questioning whether we were actually here on a mission or just on an extended vacation. Sooo, at our recent Zone Conferences, we took pictures.  Pictures of the whole zone and pictures of us with each district as they had one on one interviews with the president the day before.  Proving we really are here on a mission and not just playing.
          Please note that I have not put names on the pictures for the most part.  This is to protect the missionaries.  The names will, however be found in our scrapbook after we return home.   Until then, just enjoy their cute faces.

          These were by no means all of the pictures.  We must have taken between 75 and 100 pictures.  But we knew we could never get them all in one blog and still keep you awake.  We just picked a few from each zone.
          Of course we had some helpers with the camera since we were to be in each of the district pictures.  Our office elders were more than happy to take the pictures.  However when I looked at all of the pictures, I noticed someone had TOO much fun with the camera!  I've decided that no matter how old they are - Boys will be boys!

Elder Wittwer from St. George and Elder Stoker from NSL (Bountiful). 
Yep, these two keep the office hopping --- and a lot of fun! 

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  1. Although we get photos in the mail from our daughter, there is no such thing as too many pictures of your missionary. So accidentally finding this blog with pictures of our Chantal at August Zone Conferences was a matter of no small excitement. If you find yourselves over Abilene way anytime soon, tell Sister John her dad sends a big fat hug!