Sunday, August 28, 2011

Flat Tire - Elders to the Rescue

     On our way home from one of our Zone Conferences - May 2011 - to be exact, we encountered a very large piece of re-tread laying in the middle of the road.  Normally, in our own car, Eugene, who was the driver, would have just swerved to miss it.  However, he was driving a large van, pulling a large enclosed utility trailer and...  he didn't see it until just before he HIT IT!  Bam!  Shhhhhhhh!  Thump, thump, thump! Ding - ding - ding - ding - ding!  

YEP...  IT'S FLAT!  In fact, it knocked it right off the rim!

Sure glad the Vehicle Coordinator, Elder Stoker (left) is with us.  He'll know what to do. 

"Hey Donkey!  Looks like we have company."

Elder Wittwer jacks up the van while Elder Stoker and Elder Bradshaw supervise.

There's got to be a way to get this spare out of here so we can change the tire!  But how?

Sister Carbine says,  "May I suggest you find the manual and see what it says?"

Ahh Haaaa!  Now that's tricky!

OK - now take off all of the lug nuts and...  

"Hey guys!  Look at this..."

New tire on - Lug nuts on...

Make sure they're tight Elder Carbine

Let down the jack Elder Stoker...


And we're on our way again!

Buy...  Nice watchen' ya!

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