Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thank Heaven for Skype

Our first Christmas away from our family would have been really hard, but...  
Thank Heaven for Skype!
We have been able to share special events with our children and grandchildren even though we are a thousand miles away!
Our traditional Christmas family home evening for 2010 was held in our daughter's home in Ogden.  Heather and Steve had their computerr set up in the front room and we were able to "join" them!!!

Everyone enjoyed the usual visiting.

Lilly plays a Christmas Carol on the piano.

Carols were played...

Granddaughter's Lilly and Sydney

Songs were sung...  

This one should be "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth"


 Stories were told... 


Faces were pulled...

Colten & dad James    

Visits with grand kids...

Kenzie and mom Holly

Boston, Ethan & Terrence



and Old...

Isaac, Boston, Addisyn and Terrence


Laughs, smiles and giggles were had by everyone.

Skype came through for us again in the form of a
JON and girls, Kaylee, Kenzie & Abby  
Janene and girls, Sydney & Addi
Heather and girls Lilly & Ashley

We were able to visit with ALL 7 of our granddaughters at once!  Not sure where the 11 grandsons were at this point - probably off playing with all their new Christmas toys!

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